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Headshot of Paula Maness, LICENSED_PSYCHOLOGIST
Dr. Paula Maness(she/her)
California and Florida

In-network with

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Shield of California, and Cigna

Specializes in

Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

Great to meet you!

I have almost 20 years of experience in helping adults and seniors overcome challenges that they have been avoiding throughout their lifetime. I am licensed in both FL and CA and have extensive training in trauma work.

A bit about my approach to therapy

There is no "secret formula" for connecting to others and ourselves and we must learn how to do this for ourselves-but a partner can help. I believe in the power of overcoming! I believe in the strength of becoming! Together we can make the changes necessary so you can feel energized and prepared for your world!

What you can expect from our first session

Many adults deal with feelings of loneliness, depression, regret and anxiety. If you wake up day after day, feeling the same horrible emotions – regret, shame, fear, anxiety, loneliness – something needs to change. And changing it is entirely in your power. You can carve your own path – one that leads to fulfillment and joy.

Paula's style is


Insurance carriers Paula accepts

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Blue Shield of California

More about Paula

PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) at California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
License type: LICENSED_PSYCHOLOGIST (Florida), CP (California)
Gender: Cisgender Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Languages: English
Works with: Adults and Seniors
More specialties: PTSD
Modalities: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Interpersonal, Attachment-based, Experiential Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance & Commitment (ACT), and Strength-Based


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725 N 12th Ave