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Our mission

We're building a new mental healthcare system.

Tens of millions of Americans seek mental health care every day, but the vast majority never get the care they need. Headway is solving this, and we’re doing it all through software.

A national problem

One in four Americans

One in four Americans have a treatable mental health condition, but most don’t get care. The number one reason is price.
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The access problem

70% of therapists don’t accept insurance

70% of therapists don’t accept insurance because of the administrative burden. This means individuals have to pay out of pocket prices they can’t afford.
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Our solution

How we're fixing it

Headway is building the first asset-free national network of therapists who accept insurance. This helps therapists build their practices while helping individuals find great care they can afford.
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With world-class support from

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Our core values bring Headway’s mission to life

The product we build is the team we build. Here at Headway, we are driven by a set of strong core values.

Join the team

We’re based in New York City, and growing every day. Come join us!