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Searching profiles/bios can be as overwhelming as seeking out support. At the same time, having a good vibe with your therapist is essential to the therapeutic process. Here’s some general feedback I’ve received from clients over the years: “I appreciate that you don’t judge me”, “I feel comfortable talking with you”, “I like that you give me direct feedback even when it’s hard to hear”, and “I like having concrete things to try doing to make things better”. Below is a quick bio about me and my work- hopefully this will give you guidance when deciding if you'd like to take the next step and book a session with me.

A bit about my approach: I describe my approach as eclectic. In general, we might explore values, identify feelings, look at behaviors, consider personality and family, explore preferred outcomes, celebrate successes, and take responsibility for areas of growth. We might consider all the life domains that are of value to you- from health and wellness to relationships to career to culture. We'll look at what’s keeping in you in the cycle you’re in and try things intended to adjust the cycle and ultimately experience more joy and peace in your life (a frequent goal of many of my clients).

A bit more on grief work: People say the most outlandish things to those who are grieving. Usually it’s because they want to “help” though what it often does is make the person who is grieving feel even more alone. Grief and loss is multifaceted and unpredictable- everyone experiences it different. Because of that, grief work can look different depending on your unique needs, hopes, and desires. We’ll work together on identifying goals but it may include some of the following: explore your grief reactions and process ways to manage the intensity of grief, create space to talk about loss (or whichever word you use to define it), explore how grief is typically experienced in your circle (culture, etc.), and talk about small goals related to living now (living with grief).

A bit more on anxiety work: Anxiety is not picky- it impacts students, professionals, athletes, parents, and everyone in between. If you are experiencing anxiety, you are NOT ALONE- some statistics say about 40 million adults live with anxiety in the US. Symptoms of anxiety can range from butterflies in the stomach to heart racing and feeling shaky. The good news is that symptoms can be decreased/managed. In our work, we will look at your symptoms and explore when they occur the most, we'll explore what you've done so far to try to manage symptoms, and we'll work at developing a plan to "talk back" to the anxiety. Anxiety can get really bossy when in seclusion- so bravo for exploring support options. Hopefully, we can get to a place where you feel like a strong and mighty anxiety warrior.

A bit more on relationship work: Relationship work is my jam! I'm super passionate about it for a million reasons- one being that a healthy relationship can positively impact you in many life domains- from physical health to career to general life satisfaction. Relationships can be so confusing though- in the beginning, everything can seem so beautiful- conversation is easy, you enjoy each other's company, sex is cool, etc. And, then, somewhere along the way, things get wonky. Little things become big things. Big things that were always there seem even more unmanageable now. And, you're not sure what to do to make things better (or even if you want to). This can happen in dating or in long-term marriages. People have different definitions of what a good relationship looks like- some want romance, some want team work, some want a deeper connection, etc. The good news here is that there's decades of research that has identified factors that contribute to a successful relationship and factors that lead you to feeling like a disaster. Most couples who are choosing to stay in the relationship prefer to thrive verses simply survive/feel like roommates. There's so many resources available on this subject- from books, to podcasts, to articles. And, sometimes, it's helpful to have individual support from a therapist trained specifically to work on relationship dynamics. Working on relationships can include the following: explore your hopes for the relationship, explore what's worked in the past, look at the current pattern of communication and conflict, and explore tools (based on research) designed to help you achieve your relationships goals.

Professional Credentials/Theoretical Approaches:

I support and use several research-based modalities and techniques (such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, Motivational Interviewing, and research from The Gottman Institute to name a few). Sessions might also include movement, experiential activities, humor, creativity, music, or guided meditation. At times I am very directive and do some teaching based on research and at other times, I am more exploratory. As in most things, balance is important. And, I design each session based on YOUR goals which we will have an ongoing conversation about starting in session 1.

I have multifaceted experience in the helping field since 2001 including mentoring, counseling, and case management as well as the development and implementation of programs and events within aftercare programs, faith-based institutions, and community-based organizations. I've also been in leadership positions where I have supervised 20 plus therapists- clinical excellence is important to me! Continuing to grow in my craft is important to me too- reading, studying, and taking ongoing trainings to stay up to date on the research and techniques.

I've received specialized training in crisis intervention with the National Organization for Victim Assistance, trained on the power of dialogue through Public Conversations, and trained as an approved program educator in Gottman’s 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work, Live the Life’s Adventures in Marriage and Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home workshops all aimed at increasing the vitality of couples relationships. I've also completed the Gottman Level 1 training on best practices when working with couples by Drs. John and Julie Gottman who are researchers and pioneers in the field of couples therapy.

A bit about me: I love music, art, and animals. People too! I also identify as a Christian. I am married (to a therapist!) and have a mini Goldendoodle pup. Some of the things that give me life is spending time with family and friends, reading an amazing book, painting, a great binge session with Netflix, and most recently taking a Peloton class and gardening (trying not to kill my plants). My friends say they love my silly side and my ability to laugh at myself. They also value my serious side- my ability to be contemplative, to take time to process information, and my ability to understand them.

I also truly love and value what I do and I believe in everyone's capacity to do and feel just a little bit better.


Grief, Loss


BA (Bachelor of Arts)
University of Tennessee

MS (Master of Science)
NOVA Southeastern University

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United Healthcare
Oscar Health