Are you looking for more abundance, increase happiness, wellbeing and joy? meaningful relationships and life? Understanding your challenges, having perspective and replacing dysfunctional coping with satisfaction and fulfillment? Do you have a desire to feel connected to yourself and others in a deep and fulfilling way?

I am a New York State licensed board certified clinical psychotherapist in private practice in addition to being employed at Bellevue hospital. I am specialized in working with adults and children on a wide range of issues, however I am also experienced in the treatment of addiction.

After graduating, I have continued to study with Dr. Gerlad Epstein and Dr. Gabor Mate and others, to enhance treatment and offer patients successful ways of coping.

My work is based on somatic psychotherapy; body/mind work with a compassionate approach to healing and recovery. I’m well aware of a variety of 12 step programs and have resources that help enhance your recovery.

Together we discover what the issues are and target problem areas, as we move through the issues that present in your life, you can find new strength, hope and recovery. My background also includes Food Addiction Treatment and we can work on your eating habits as well. This is a holistic, healing and gentle process.

Regular psychotherapy may have limited results in behavioral change, especially when it comes to healing deep emotional wounds. Though clients may experience understanding of feelings and experiences on a cognitive level, this will still not make any difference because the midbrain needs to be able to modulate its activity in response to the healing. When this does not happen, because talking simply isn't enough, then the behavioral changes are very limited. In my practice I utilize the latest scientifically proven interventions, that can modulate this process to facilitate lasting behavioral changes and can create new neuropath ways, though it is up to the patient to find the willingness within to do the work.

I work with children, adolescence and adults.


Special Needs
Sexual Trauma
Eating Disorders
Women's Issues


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If you're experiencing emotional distress, the resources below provide free and confidential support 24/7. If this is an emergency, call 911.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
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