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Managing stress

Identifying and handling stressors within my life

Allison Milana-Trinka
Aditya Vora
DeVonne Allen
Yaneisy Guerra

Challenges with family

Difficulties in my family relationships

Sharon Rothman
Bonnie Perkins
KC Georgulas
Jocelyn Stott

Career-related anxiety

Uncertainty and stress caused by my career

Andrea Grunblatt
Deborah Rutt
JaNeen Molborn
Amanda Abady

Feeling down or lacking motivation

Feelings of sadness, indifference, or apathy

Antoinette King
Taneesha Torres-McDade
Michael Goulding
Ciara Warren

Struggling to focus

Concentration or commitment challenges in my day-to-day life

Joann Paoletti
Hazel Hooven
Jeanne Assinthe
Andrea Mosley

Loss of someone I care for

Coping with grief and loss

Stephanie Fischer
Catherine McKendrick
Tiffany Williams
Susan Gilbreath

Gender and/or sexual identity

Challenges related to my gender and/or sexual identity

Camilla Mager
Cara DiTaranto
Neena Ajwani
Ania Baumritter

Divorce or separation in my life

Emotions and stress in relationship changes

Takeesha Hawkins
Deidre Lupia
Sheri Beckford
Richard Moses

Challenges with my personal relationships

Difficulties in friendships and romantic relationships

Machanta Newson
Nicole Bailey
Joseph Lee
Charity Knox

Being a new parent

Navigating the emotions and responsibility of parenthood

Lauren Black
Yasmin Somnath
Mark Gough
Dori Scallet

Challenges with food and nourishment

Support with disordered eating

Michelle Byrd
Joanne Ruckel
Sydney James
Alicia Blankenship

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