I mostly work with adults in their 20’s and 30’s suffering from anxiety. People come to me with a variety of problems including chronic worry, social anxiety and panic attacks.

Through the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I collaborate with my patients to develop coping strategies for reducing stress. One strategy I find particularly useful and that I use regularly to help patients reduce anxiety is a thought record. This exercise is a work sheet, which helps people to gain greater awareness into thinking patterns.

You might be wondering what kind of problems can we apply this to? I work with people in a variety of ways tailored to individual needs and schedules. Some people come for short term work to deal with a fear of flying before an international trip or anxiety triggered by a major life transition such as graduating from school or finding a new job. Others work on a more long-term basis to reduce worrying, social anxiety or repeated panic attacks.

I am so delighted when I can help my patients conquer their fears and remove anxiety as a barrier to success in daily life. Whether its work, relationships, a major life transition or a specific fear that is getting in your way, I hope to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help you improve the quality of your life.




Masters in Social Work
New York University

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

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