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Headshot of Samantha Getha, LCSW
Samantha Getha(She/Her)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Alaska and Virginia

In-network with

Aetna and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Virginia

Specializes in

PTSD and Stress

Great to meet you!

Coming from a military family, I understand the unique challenges the military face, which is why I specialize in military families and welcome 11B/grunt language. I believe that healing happens best when you’re treated as a whole person. Whether you're struggling with being your authentic self, a military spouse feeling lost in the ever-changing military lifestyle, or a combat veteran battling painful memories, I want to hear your story.

A bit about my approach to therapy

I am a big proponent of meeting my clients where they are, walking alongside them to help them navigate and explore change. I won't tell you that everything is going to be okay. I will help you look at your situation in different ways and come face-to-face with issues most people tend to ignore. I provide a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental virtual therapy space.

What you can expect from our first session

I take on a holistic and integrative lens focusing on mind-body connections, teaching clients skills, building strengths, and making sense of past life events to help gain clarity. Together, we'll tackle problems head on, learn and practice safe and effective coping skills, even when it’s hard, and build an overall healthier life. We will plan to create a self-sufficient plan for yourself to utilize the new skills we’ll work on together.

Samantha's style is


Insurance carriers Samantha accepts

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Virginia

More about Samantha

MSW (Master of Social Work) at University of Southern California
License type: LCSW (Virginia, Alaska)
Gender: Cisgender Female
Ethnicity: Asian and Pacific Islander
Languages: English
More specialties: Trauma, Women's Issues, Anxiety, and Relationship Issues
Modalities: Psychodynamic, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment-based, Positive Psychology, Trauma Focused, Interpersonal, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Relational, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), and EMDR