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Dr. Patricia Higgins(she / her / hers (not an MD - no meds prescribed))

In-network with

Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross California, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Oscar Health, Oxford, and United Healthcare

Specializes in

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Stress

Great to meet you!

I'm an empathic listener offering you a safe sounding board and nurturing validation. This acceptance can help motivate you to prioritize goals, use healthy coping skills to self-soothe, balance mind-body connections, & guide personal change. Gain hope and resilience to improve your life and relationships. I believe you have your own strengths, talents, and your own inner wisdom.

A bit about my approach to therapy

My therapy techniques involve flexibility, cooperation and collaboration to transform your outlook, moods, habits, and relationships. I offer different techniques (CBT, DBT, ACT) depending on your preferences & needs. I provide empathic listening & acceptance which then allows you to feel validated, worthy, & capable of using your strengths to transform your life - taking steps to reach your valued goals. Transform your mind-body-spirit self to motivate positive change & personal growth.

What you can expect from our first session

Taking small steps to change your thoughts & actions, you can transform your life & relationships! My clients can expect to gain hope, validation of feelings, strength to take steps forward to heal, change core negative beliefs, develop healthy habits, learn & practice positive coping skills to improve moods & functioning. *I am not an MD & do not prescribe medications. CA residents only. March 2024 - Headway will not process psych testing, evaluations, formal diagnostic clarification services.

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Insurance carriers Patricia accepts

Blue Shield of California

More about Patricia

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at Capella University
License type: CP (Clinical Psychologist)
Gender: Cisgender Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Languages: English
Works with: Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Seniors
More specialties: OCD, Infertility, Grief, Loss, Women's Issues, LGBTQIA+, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Trauma, Sleep disorder, ADD/ADHD, and Substance Use / Addiction
Modalities: Attachment-based, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), and Acceptance & Commitment (ACT)


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