Becoming a mom changes your entire world instantaneously. You love your kids so much it hurts & at the same time you’re trying to navigate the person you are now. You have many other roles (partner, employee, etc.) to fulfill, as well as carrying the mental load of the family (doctors' appointments, soccer practice, packing the diaper bag, etc.). There is so much to do, it's no wonder modern moms are stressed! You find yourself experiencing mom guilt, overwhelm, anxiety, questioning yourself & feeling like you're always failing in some way. Things may look good on the outside, but you're struggling on the inside & need support.

Imagine what it would feel like to better manage the mom guilt, anxiety and feelings of constant overwhelm. You would have more patience, more time to do things that fulfill you, and more happiness in your home. You want to be a happier mom who is both at peace with herself and present with her family. Therapy can help with all the things of #momlife.

I want to give you the support you DESERVE while navigating motherhood. As a woman and a mom, I get it. As a psychologist, I can help. My services accommodate your busy mom life: therapy in my office, concierge therapy at YOUR home or office and online therapy. Check out my website, or contact me for a free 15-minute consult to chat about how I can help.


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