I’ve been a practicing clinician for over 15 years in a variety of educational, community, and private settings. As a therapist, I use an integrative approach drawing from cognitive-behavioral (REBT), mind/body, trauma-informed care, and social justice theory and practices. In simple terms, I love working alongside people to help them address the spaces in their life where they encounter struggle and feel stuck. I see therapy as an active space where we look at the patterns you have developed in order to survive, relate, and move through life. To be clear, we have ALL developed patterns of thinking and coping in one way or another to manage our inner life and it’s completely normal to discover some of our patterns may no longer be useful to us in getting the life we want. This tends to turn up in our lives looking and feeling like isolation, loneliness, frustration, emotion dysregulation, and disconnection. This is where we begin in therapy to take a closer look at the spaces that are not working for you and may be painful. As a white, cisgender female therapist, I acknowledge the role traumatic experience and oppressive systems can play in how folks cope and adapt to the challenges life brings, particularly for vulnerable populations. To this end I strive to create a people first, relationship-driven clinical practice in pursuit of reconciliation and healing. From our first session until the last, we work collaboratively using regular feedback to promote transparency in the therapeutic relationship and introduce you to a framework so you can begin taking the steps to see lasting change in your life.

The human mind possesses an incredible capacity to heal itself given the time and space to do so.


Eating Disorders
Women's Issues


MEd (Master of Education)
North Carolina State University

Pace University

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