Megan Walsh is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board-Certified Music Therapist, and depth-oriented psychotherapist offering online therapy services in New York State.

Clients who work with Megan are often experiencing increased stress, worry, sadness, and a feeling of uneasiness that disturbs their internal balance. These feelings may be exacerbated by challenging interactions within familial, personal, and professional relationships. Megan begins therapy in a holistic manner, learning who her clients are as a whole person and working collaboratively with them to determine the most effective course of treatment.

Megan practices through a psychodynamic lens, helping clients to understand how experiences from their past might be informing their present challenges. Megan offers CBT and DBT techniques to help clients reframe negative thought patterns, sit more comfortably with anxious feelings, and implement improved communication skills to achieve more meaningful, joyful relationships. Megan integrates creative elements into the therapeutic space, inviting her clients to move into into breathwork, journaling, music, and art as a means to foster deepened exploration and insight into the issues at hand.

Megan brings warmth, humor, and deep insight into the therapeutic relationship. She understands the vulnerability therapy entails and believes feeling comfortable and connected to your therapist is integral. Megan believes in the power of the therapeutic process to help you move through difficult experiences towards greater feelings of connection, self-compassion, and wholeness.


Eating Disorders
Women's Issues
Chronic Illness


MA (Master of Arts)
New York University

Accepted Insurance


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