Mallorie Potaznick

On the outside it looks like you have it all together, but inside you're engaged in a constant struggle for control. Your anxiety, OCD, and/or eating disorder has taken over your life. You find yourself in a constant loop of feeling worried, nervous, stressed and at times not good enough, thin enough, or smart enough. You’re stuck and unable to find the relief that you crave, so you try temporary fixes. Sometimes you disconnect and avoid people and your responsibilities, sometimes you binge, sometimes you purge, and sometimes you try to use anything that will distract your mind. You find, however, that your mind just wont turn off.

You desperately want to know what it would feel like to not be consumed with the anxiety that causes you to constantly worry about issues like food, your body, or what is going to happen tomorrow. You’re tired of being consumed by fear. Imagine you could learn the techniques to heal and be free from panic attacks, OCD, binging, restricting and purging food.

As a specialist in eating, OCD and anxiety disorders, I can help you find relief and learn the techniques you're searching for. In addition to my specialties, I have extensive experience treating depression, self esteem, gender identity issues, and PTSD for teens and adults.


Eating Disorders
Panic Attacks


MEd (Master of Education)
Florida Atlantic University

Accepted Insurance

Oscar Health
United Healthcare

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