Are you as satisfied as you could be in your relationships or sex life? Maybe you wonder how to find a partner who can meet your need for emotional support, appreciation, alone time or good sex. Maybe you have trouble expressing your needs in relationships, or you get stuck in repeating arguments. Maybe you struggle with loss of passion or experience sexual anxiety. Maybe you experience cultural differences with your partner or find it a challenge to navigate a non-traditional relationship.

If this sounds like you, I’ve got you – and I’m here to provide you with culturally competent relationship and sex therapy. Whether you’re single or partnered, we will work together to help identify your needs, learn to express what you want clearly and powerfully, navigate between your need for human connection and alone time, access your inner sense of pleasure and boost your skills for optimal sexuality. For those of you who are single, we will identify creative ways to date and connect with others. Rather than letting your emotions control you, you’ll learn the skills necessary to remain present and centered, even while in the middle of experiencing personal distress or conflict.

My approach to therapy is practical and solution-focused, so I use an integrative mind-body approach. I specialize in cognitive-behavior therapy, mindfulness techniques for couples and Non-Violent Communication. I also incorporate movement and breathing techniques from martial arts, qigong, slow sex and tantra. I also specialize in providing multicultural, LGBTQ+, kink, poly affirming therapy.

I am multilingual and often work with people who are bi/multicultural, travel frequently, or are expats. I make therapy accessible by exclusively offering convenient video sessions you can do from the comfort of your home, office, hotel and even your car. Check out my website at http://www.leylagulcur.com, schedule your free 15-minute phone consult, and see how you can change your life starting today.


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