Do you find yourself feeling stuck or with the sense that you are just going through the motions and simply existing? I can help guide you to participate more fully in life and reach your maximum potential. We will work collaboratively to increase self-awareness, identify recurring patterns, and minimize maladaptive behaviors through the use of coping skills and resources at hand. With insight, confidence and tools in hand, you will be better equipped to effectively navigate through various road bumps in life and stop getting in your own way. I'm very collaborative, directive and strengths-based in my work with clients.

I work with adults, couples and families to address life challenges related to mood & personality disorders, addiction & dependency-based issues, building positive relationships and cultivating self-worth. I have an eclectic approach, utilizing several different modalities to suit each client's needs, including evidence-based practices where applicable.

It is common for ambivalence to be involved when facing any kind of life decision or transition. A CBT, DBT and motivational interviewing approach can allow me to meet a client where they are at and help each individual gage their own level of readiness for change.

Prior to entering the mental health field, I worked for many years in the film and television industry. I have always been fascinated by human behavior and attracted to the notion of storytelling as essential to the human condition. I believe we must understand the mechanisms behind how we think, feel and behave in order to forge, narrate, and rewrite our own stories.

You've taken a huge step just by seeking out therapy. Now let's go on this journey together!


Eating Disorders
Women's Issues


Masters in Social Work
Fordham University

Accepted Insurance


If you're experiencing emotional distress, the resources below provide free and confidential support 24/7. If this is an emergency, call 911.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741