Dr. Janine O'Brien

You’ve been feeling disconnected, perhaps through experiences of stress, trauma, anxiety, oppression, marginalization, pressure, expectations, etc and moving farther away from living a life that brings you joy, fulfillment, and purpose. It feels hard or even impossible for you to be truly yourself as it requires a risk of being rejected, dismissed, shut down, or misunderstood. You find that you are staying “small” through settling, tolerating, and remaining complaisant in order to fit the expectations that family, society, culture, and the world have placed onto you. Sound familiar? You deserve to be fully heard and seen.

Let’s work together to gain a deeper understanding of your story. I work with individuals presenting with relationship concerns, anxiety, perfectionism, career stress, identity exploration, family issues, low self esteem and life transitions. I have expertise working college/graduate students, BIPOC including transracial adoptees, and have a particular interest working with women. I bring compassion, authenticity, realness and empathy into the therapy space. I work primarily from relational and attachment based frameworks to help make meaning of your experiences in ways that enable you to move towards living a more authentic, connected, and fulfilled life.


Women's Issues


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