Face it. You're not happy. You're too often nervous, on edge, and sometimes you really feel down. You're in a rut professionally and your love life is not what it once was. You're not the way you want to be with the people you care most about...you want to connect with them the way you used to connect with them. Instead, you find yourself frustrated when you try...tense, defensive, overly sensitive to criticism. It's time to be honest with yourself. You need professional help...someone good to talk to who is not a family member, a friend, or a co-worker.

I am absolutely committed to using whatever time we have together to getting you back on track. This is a good time to find the right person to talk to...someone who is thoroughly prepared through extensive training and numerous years of professional experience to really listen and help.

Once you find a therapist with the right credentials, you will want to make sure that this is someone who genuinely "gets" you and can fully appreciate what it is you wish to accomplish together. Your commitment to personal growth deserves nothing less than this combination of professional expertise and personal connection.


Men's Issues
Chronic Illness


New York University Silver School of Social Work

Masters in Social Work
Columbia College/Columbia University

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

If you're experiencing emotional distress, the resources below provide free and confidential support 24/7. If this is an emergency, call 911.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741