When you become a parent, your child is the apple of your eye. You want the best life for them and you will do almost anything to ensure their safety and their happiness. Children bring joy to our lives; they are energetic, quirky and imaginative. Kids exhibit their personalities through play and social connections. Watching our tiny humans grow and learn is precious. Children test boundaries with adults as part of several developmental stages. Being inquisitive creatures, this is a child’s way of testing the environment. Dynamic relationships can affect a child's wellness causing behaviors that confuse parents and children.

Thankfully, there is help for parents and children who are concerned about ADHD, depression or anxiety. Children require creative methods of intervention to help them through these scary times. Because children’s play is often imaginative and accentuates their thoughts and feelings, creative arts therapy is the technique I use to help you and your child.

The best strategy with kids is to mimic their level of energy, shyness or creativity that they are expressing. The focus of therapy is to help your child learn coping skills that will benefit them in their world. Let’s work together to ensure your little peanut or preteen has all the tools they need to reach their full potential.


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