Emmanuel Adjin

I manage my clients’ concerns through the use of integrative therapies (e.g. psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.) to resolve issues. By doing such, I have seen more effective and longer lasting treatment outcomes. While empathy is the vehicle through which I operate, success often arrives as a result of active participation from my clients.

I was always intrigued and fascinated with people’s behaviors growing up. I soon realized that the brain was the force in guiding one’s decision and ultimately their behavior. As such, I became a learner of psychology and later, psychopharmacology. I have worked with clients in many settings including community, acute and long-term care, and as a result, I have acquired and solidified skillsets which continue to make me more proficient in mental wellness.

I place great emphasis on getting to know my clients, their stories (both struggles and triumphs), and ultimately the places they currently find themselves. I believe the past is never buried in the past. In fact, the past lives on right here in the here-and-now. Therefore, one’s past and present must merge in order for meaningful long-lasting healing to occur. During the initial evaluation, I partner up with clients to identify their chief issue(s). We decide on feasible goals mapping out a plan tailored specifically to the client’s concerns. Progresses are tracked along the way until the client’s goal(s) is/are met.

I firmly believe in the notion of learning throughout one’s life. Consequently, my management of my clients’ concerns are infused with the latest evidenced-based treatment findings. I’m particularly excited about the impact of pharmacogenetics on mental health treatment.


Panic Attacks


MS (Master of Science)
New York University

Bachelor of Science
Binghamton University

Accepted Insurance

Oscar Health
United Healthcare

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