For most LGBTQIA2S+ adolescents and adults I work with, relationships bring them to counseling. Sometimes they come to talk about problems in their relationships with others. Breakups, arguments, coming out, sex, and commitment are frequent topics of conversation. Other times, people want to focus on their relationship to self. Identity, being highly self-critical, low self-worth, shame, setting boundaries, loneliness, and internalized homo- and transphobia are other common topics of conversation.

Affirming, anti-oppressive therapy for LGBTQIA2S+ adolescents and adults is especially important because there are unique challenges for navigating relationships in our heteronormative culture. Our families and religious institutions may be critical and shaming, the intimacy and importance of our platonic friendships or chosen family may go unrecognized, and our relationships may challenge patriarchal norms. As a result, many of us experience anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma.

How are your relationships? Are you struggling with a recent breakup or divorce (maybe in the process of considering one)? Or are you are in the middle or a painful breakup or divorce without family support? Do you find yourself betraying your own needs, emotions, and desires to gain love or approval from others? Does shame keep you from living the life you want? Are you afraid that living your truth will hurt others? Do you feel free in your relationships?

If any of these questions resonate with you, let's talk.

I am a queer-identified counselor with 15+ years of experience practicing, teaching, and researching counseling. I specialize in evidence-based counseling for issues that especially impact LGBTQIA2S+ adolescents and adults. By focusing on how past experiences impact the present, I help people heal from relational pain, build relational awareness, and curate the connections and relationships they desire.

I offer secure and confidential online individual and group counseling to residents of Georgia including LGBTQIA2S+ youth (14+) and/or their caregivers. This is an inclusive practice committed to affirming, anti-oppressive counseling for people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities, body sizes, abilities, sexualities, gender expressions, ages, socioeconomic classes, and relationship structures. I am an anti-racist, sex-positive, poly affirming, kink aware, body- positive, & trauma-informed counselor.

To schedule a free, 20-minute consultation, select Request Appointment. For other inquires, please email me at therainbowcoloredcouch@gmail.com




MEd (Master of Education)
Auburn University

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Ohio University

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

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