Imagine feeling less shame and more connected to those around you. Imagine having more space from your inner critic/judge while having more patience and compassion for yourself and others. Imagine moving from “not good enough” to feeling more "whole". Feeling less confused and more confident and clear about important life goals/decisions. Imagine unburdening from past traumas that still negatively impact your life and present relationships, shifting from helplessness to empowerment. Imagine healing from painful past hurts and moving forward with forgiveness, love, and light.

Hi, Welcome to Authentic Roots! I offer a unique approach to therapy called Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy. I blend both Western psychotherapies, talk therapy with Eastern spiritual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, and Somatic body work. I am an Integrative Holistic Psychotherapist and combine various modalities that target the body-mind-emotions-spirit.

My goal is to help support you in finding your most Authentic Self and believe that once that is accessed deep healing can occur! I draw on a multitude of approaches, including works from Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Dr. Gabor Mate, (Compassionate Inquiry) Dr. Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems) and Dr. Tara Brach( Radical Acceptance).


Women's Issues


Masters in Social Work
New York University

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

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