From the outside, you appear to have it all worked out. You have a stable job, you have good friends, maybe you’re in a relationship. Your life in NYC is comfortable by most standards—even enviable. But when you’re alone, you’re plagued with anxiety, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction. Perhaps you’ve lost sight of who you are, where you’re headed, and why you’re working so hard. You compare yourself to others, fear that people may eventually see through you, and ruminate about your imperfections and past mistakes. Sometimes you wonder if you even deserve your success. And while you try to make time to be a good partner, friend, mother or father, daughter or son, you feel guilty that it’s never quite enough.

You want to feel better, but find yourself stuck in old patterns and wondering if you can ever change. Therapy is a safe space for you to work through these challenges so that you can live with greater confidence and ease. We'll address challenges related to life transitions, relationships, career, and identity. As an Asian-American, I’m especially attuned to issues of belonging and marginalization and the complexities that arise from navigating cultural differences. I invite you to take the first step towards feeling better. I would be honored to support you along this process of healing, discovery, and growth.


Women's Issues


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St. John's University

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