Feeling stuck? Frozen? Stressed? Unsure about your relationships? Don’t know what comes next or how to get there?

You’re not alone.

My clients are 20 and 30-something students and professionals who are dealing with these same issues.

In these status-obsessed times and this competitive city, we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others. We attempt to live up to impossible expectations. We don’t examine whether these reflect our own values, goals, or needs. You probably find yourself doing this, but what’s the point? Do these comparisons serve a purpose?

Too often, we get crushed under the weight of expectations- either our own or someone else’s. The result can be stress, anxiety, depression, or strained relationships. Sometimes, we give away all of our energy to others, just to feel “good enough.” We neglect the most important relationship, the one we have with ourselves.

Many of the people who reach out to me have been working hard to put on a brave face for the world, even though they’re struggling on the inside. They feel like they “should” have it all figured out, and they’re scared to ask for help. But, when you walk through the doors of my office, you’re entering a place where you can be the real you. No judgments. No shame. Nothing but a warm, welcoming, and empathetic environment.

You will leave therapy with a better understanding of your own needs, more compassion for yourself, and a greater ability to communicate your needs to others.

I specialize in anxiety, work-life balance, dating and relationships, and life transitions. You have your own needs and concerns. You might already know what they are, or you might need help sorting through them. Either way, I’m here to help.

Our issues are rarely just our own. They develop in a social and relational context. I often work with clients explicitly on their relationships. Sometimes this takes the form of couples therapy, but about half of the time this work is done in individual therapy.

I rely on evidence-based approaches to therapy like Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Therapy isn’t one-size-fits-all. The approach we take will depend on where you want to go. Sometimes therapy is about developing tools, skills, and strategies for the here-and-now. Other times, moving forward in your life requires a deeper understanding of where you came from. If the past is the problem, then we will work to uncover the patterns of your past that keep you stuck.




Masters in Family Therapy
University of San Diego

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