Many times you think to yourself, "I'm just not happy." The stresses of daily life are overwhelming. You don't recognize the person sleeping next to you, work seems hard at every turn, parenting is difficult and you are tired of being angry. Maybe this feeling has grown over time or has just started to surface. Either way, there's a distance between the person you are and the person you want to be. There is a distance between the relationships you have and want. You just want more. To feel happy again.

You want to feel like you did all those years ago, back when you could enjoy life without all the stress. You want to feel like partners with your spouse instead of roommates and hold your children close, instead of being too tired. My training in EMDR, ABA, lifespan and relationship counseling allows me to help you where you need it most.


Women's Issues


MA (Master of Arts)
Cincinnati Christian University

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United Healthcare
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