I am originally from Winston-Salem, NC and have been in practice since 2013. I specialize in treating childhood and teenage behavioral disorders. Oftentimes, these children and teens act in defiant ways at home, school, and/or in public settings. They may be prone to verbal or physical aggression, often fail to comply with requests from guardians or teachers, and may refuse to take responsibility for their actions. These symptoms often lead to frequent arguments between the child and their parents/caregivers, which can be overwhelming and exhausting for those close to them.

My primary goal with this population typically consists of understanding the existing negative thought patterns, learning from past mistakes, identifying triggers for certain behaviors, and actively practicing coping skills when triggered. This often leads to more positive choices, as it promotes increased responsibility for their actions.

I also will work with the parents/guardians throughout the counseling process in order to discuss any potentially helpful changes that can be made within the home-setting. I will provide a space of acceptance, trust, and confidentiality, which will allow us to collaborate in order to identify and work toward your goals for therapy and life in general.




MA (Master of Arts)
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

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