When couples are stuck in gridlock, disconnected and unsure to stay or go, I'm here to help. Maybe you and your partner can't stop the fighting. As the arguments escalate and increase, you're both left feeling exhausted, defensive and misunderstood. Perhaps betrayal -- financial, emotional or sexual, has occurred and you can't repair the wounds because the hurt and separation have pushed you apart. Worse yet, when you try to connect, one of you says the wrong thing, and the effort fails, leaving the other feeling rejected, deflated or resigned. This isn't what you want, but you're unable to regain harmony and trust. You need help.

Imagine restoring what works in the relationship, while identifying habits and patterns that get in the way? In our work, we implement practices that help decrease tension and overwhelm, restore connection, and get relationships back on track, moving in a direction the couple wants it to go. You'll gain skills and experience that benefit everyone for life.

Research shows couples often wait years to discuss difficulties in their intimate relationships, when early intervention may lead to better results, sooner. Please don't wait. Call now for a free consultation, or visit my website to see how I bring an integral approach and specialized couples training to catalyze change and promote healing in relationships.


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