Sometimes life can be really hard to deal with. I call it Earth School. The hardest lessons we will ever learn. I believe we learn from the difficult times and it makes us stronger and wiser for the next difficult time. I have had many life experiences to draw from when attempting to see it from my clients perspective. I have been on a spiritual journey for decades and I do believe the key to enlightenment and happiness is learning how to be present, mindful, grateful, and forgiving (among others) while integrating mind, body, and spirit for total wellbeing.

I grew up in the Mid-West but left after high school to go to art school in Florida. I always said I would do this even when I did not know there was an art school in Florida. I am intrigued with the art of manifesting. I spent 20 years in the field of advertising and graphic design. I decided to get out of that field and go into something more meaningful but yet allow me to still be creative. I think therapy is an art using communication to weave a problem free story from a problem laden one.

I love what I do now and it feels meaningful to help clients use the strengths and skills they already have to overcome any obstacle. We are lovers of love but sometimes it doesn't work out the way we expect. I can help when this happens and it starts with loving ourselves.


Panic Attacks
Sexual Trauma
Women's Issues


PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
University of Lousiana at Monroe

MS (Master of Science)
Capella University

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

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