It’s time. You’ve been your last priority for far too long. It never fails--no matter how much you plan on attending to your own needs, somehow those plans get thrown to the wayside. You spend most of your time worried about the feelings and behavior of the people that are closest to you to the point of feeling anxious, stressed out, and depressed. You're worried that if you don't change something soon, giving your time, money, and energy to everyone else will come at the expense of your own physical, mental, and spiritual health.

If you had things your way, you’d be able to speak up when you want or need something; you’d say “no” without obsessing over whether your person is mad at you or without giving long, drawn out explanations for why you can’t do something; you’d give yourself permission to love yourself, even if it makes someone else upset. Does any of this resonate with you?

I’m Bianca, owner and psychotherapist at The Self Care Center of Atlanta, LLC. I provide convenient, confidential, holistic online therapy for women throughout Georgia and Florida. If you want to find a way to support the ones you love without sacrificing your mental and physical well-being, call to schedule a free consultation.


Women's Issues


BA (Bachelor of Arts)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

MA (Master of Arts)
Clark Atlanta University

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Oscar Health
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