My life’s work is strengthening the LGBTQ community from the inside out. I do this by working with gay men to live the lives they desire. What often holds us back are layers of expectations and belief systems that we take on from society, our families, and others. When these systemic messages conflict with our authentic selves, this creates a dissonance that often results in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. This isn’t something that is broken or bad in us. Quite the opposite, it’s our authentic selves yearning to be expressed!

I believe in the strength and resilience of the human spirit. I also believe that we are all worthy of love, belonging, and connection with ourselves and others. Through our collective experiences in the LGBTQ community we have developed a deep well of strength, resilience, humor, creativity, fierceness, and fabulousness from which to draw.

When we live authentically, grounded in our values and driven by purpose, we transform our lives and we can change the world.


Men's Issues


BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Northeastern Illinois University

MA (Master of Arts)
University of Chicago

Accepted Insurance

Oscar Health
United Healthcare

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