Barry completed a degree in clinical community counseling with a focus on treatment systems emphasizing emotion, sensation, and thought. After receiving specialized training in working with at-risk youth, his practice focused on play therapy with preschool age children and their parents, using creative ways to address young children through play, art, and storytelling. Barry also focused on family therapy, and working with parents receive help for their own anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Many were dealing with the demands of a career, familial issues, relationship problems, or financial pressure and were at a loss of how to deal with their stress. Barry realized that there is a need to help those in early adulthood cope better and feel better so they can be more comfortable with themselves, experience intimacy with their partner, and gain control of their life.

A few years ago, Barry shifted to counseling those in early adulthood. Many are finding themselves feeling sad, anxious, lonely, and misunderstood. They are discouraged by repetitive, heart-wrenching patterns in their relationships or obstacles in their careers. Many feel isolated and disconnected from those around them or troubled by relationships, intimacy, and sex. Barry focuses on helping those in early adulthood understand their confusing and negative emotions, especially when they are interfering with relationships.


Men's Issues


Masters in Counseling
Johns Hopkins University

Advanced Graduate Certificate
Johns Hopkins University

Accepted Insurance

Oscar Health
United Healthcare

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