I have been practicing supportive, insight oriented psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for over 15 years. The main premise that guides my work is based on my belief that every problem has a reason and represents an attempt to solve a problem. In other words, as much as one is motivated and interested in changing and growing, oftentimes inner forces resist them. With guidance one becomes aware of the underlying sources of his or her difficulties. Inner awareness provides more relief from life's struggles than one can ever receive from homework assignments, suggestions, or advice from friends or professionals.

My psychoanalytic education and my practical experience have led to my clinical approach which is grounded in the belief that therapy is a partnership. Because psychoanalysis is a comprehensive theory of human mental functioning, I work with a wide spectrum of emotional difficulties from brief crises in life to more ingrained long standing problems such as self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, identity disturbances and struggles with intimacy.

In addition to the work I do in my private practice I am also a training and supervising therapist. I am very involved in the analytic community, sitting on various boards and teaching several courses on clinical practice. I have presented to thousands of health care professionals and my research has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Please visit my website at drmazzella.com or check me out on LinkedIn for a full list of my credentials.




Masters in Social Work
Fordham University

Doctorate in Social Work
Fordham University

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