Hello Fellow Travelers & Seekers,

My name is Anna Diliberti and I am a LCSW by definition, and while the work I do does include CBT as well as other modalities such as existentialism in the field of psychotherapy, my primary services are that of a psycho-spiritual therapist, energy healer and guide between the two worlds of the Human-Being. The Human is who we are while here on Planet Earth and the Being is who we are eternally, our true selves.

That means that my primary function is helping people who are interested, to overcome their beliefs, idea’s, opinions, conditionings, and programs, that come from their false self (ego) and no longer serve their life purpose.

If you believe you are ready to tackle the misinterpretation of the truth of who you are and release whatever is causing you to suffer, then I might be a good fit for you. The reason I say “If you are ready,” is because I can do nothing for you if you are not 100% onboard. The only way this works is if you are ready, willing and committed to taking responsibility for, letting go of the stories and forgiving yourself for forgetting who you actually are. It’s a process to let go of years of bricks we've been carrying on our backs, that have never, in reality, been ours. It's like being brainwashed and waking up to realize it was all a dream! While you may know this to be true logically and intellectually, it still takes time to disentangle the mind so that it believes and accepts it too.

The services I provide are not of my making, learning or teaching. They don’t come from a set of classes taught in graduate school, nor do they come from my own formerly held beliefs, opinions, ideas and false (ego) either because at that time I believed my own stories as well.

I was also completely identified with the false self for many years and when I was ready to let go it happened because the suffering had become unbearable and I surrendered. At that moment the right people, books, situations, events, ah-ha moments, video’s, information and miracles seemed to appear out of nowhere ready and willing to lead me out of a mindset I wasn’t even aware I had trapped myself in.

I am basically just a guide who will lead you back to the only teacher you will ever need which has never been outside you. The world paints a grainy/shadowy picture that we all buy into until we know it’s simply not true, they are illusions but until we see them as such we believe them. You (we) were actually meant to enjoy life in all its glory and not endure what most of us have but most often it is the very suffering that leads us (motivates us) to say “I want to wake up!” I know it did the trick for me! And of course we can't do this of ourselves but with the Grace that comes from our Creator. My guess is if you are here reading this, your inner teacher is ready for you to embark on this journey, but you do have free will so you can choose whether or not to move forward. When it's really meant for you, it will be impossible to say no.

I’m letting you know these things upfront because some people are looking for a therapist who can co-sign on their beliefs that they are right in feeling victimized, or that every event in their life story is to blame for where they are today. That type of therapy furthers the illusions that the client is powerless and a victim. And I don’t know about you but that’s a dead end story and doesn’t make anyone feel good afterwards except as it gets to live another day going nowhere fast.

I am here to help you heal your mind, transcend your fearful consciousness and embody who you really are in truth. That's the place where you begin to consciously co-create with your creator instead of unconsciously creating by default, but we have to know we are doing this in order to transcend it.

I am no different, better or worse than anyone who is reading this. I too once believed in anxiety/fear, depression/powerlessness, victimization/anger, lack, limitation, poor body image, pretty/ugly, power/money, good/bad, less/more, worthy/not worthy, truthful/liar, guilty/innocent, and a million other things that we all buy into in this world in order to see where we rank on the scale of life.

It was only because I lived this way for so many years and getting what I thought would make me happy and that not happening did I realize that I had to go deeper into what the root cause of all this suffering was. Well, I found out, and to my great surprise, it was me! It was my misinterpretations that took shape many years ago that held sway over me some 30 years later.

It was terrifying to realize it was not true, this was not who I was, and no one had in reality ever done anything that could hurt or lessen the truth of who I am. I cried a river of tears but ultimately became my own cheerleader and faced what I didn’t want to face (my false self) who told me incessantly how dangerous a journey I was venturing into, that I should turn back, that I would be hurt again, that it was scary, that I was being a fool, and that it really was others who had wronged me and I was completely justified in my feeling like a helpless victim.

But I knew this voice only too well, it was the one that never shut up! It was the same one that I had told me to do a million things in the past, only that I should do them and they didn’t work out, to then be belittled and made to feel guilty for having done them in the first place! Hey! Weren’t you the one who told me to go do it?! Ah! So this was the voice of the crazy interpreter once again trying to scare me, or build me up, only that both would send me crashing down once again. I came to refer to this voice (false/ego self) as the “crazy interpreter!”

Looking from the outside it really did seem to be the scariest case scenarios, but I knew there was another voice, my higher self, my true self, telling me it wasn’t true but I had to step into that place of fear, the unknown and go find out what I had been avoiding for so long. I knew the crazy voice never turned out well, so what did I have to lose? I wasn’t loving where I was in my life so I decided to do the work and to my complete amazement, relief and joy I discovered it was not only not true at that point, but that it had never been true at all! What??!!!!

And the greatest news was that I realized it was not only not true for me but it was not true for each of us. We all had the same spiritual amnesia and believed we were these limited human creatures that were trapped in our life situations! I can’t tell you the relief finding out that was not true at all.

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to embark, or are already on the path of consciousness, waking up to your true perfect identity which is a divine being of light and want to let go of the false self then I would be very happy to help you along wherever you may find yourself on your journey.

I say "I would be happy to help . . ." Because while I can lead you to the answers you seek and give you the tools, you are the only one who can take the step to leads you out. That is something we must each choose to do on our own and nothing and no one can do that for us. I am no more than a flashlight in the dark pointing you to the way out of your mind, which is where all the stories/troubles reside.

We can choose (free will) to stay asleep in the Matrix (as it were) and suffer (plugged in) if we want to, or we can choose to wake up and be free.

My one and only request is: Before You Move On In This Process: Think and Read Over What Has Been Written Here So You Can Make An Informed Decision If This Is A Journey You Are Ready To Undertake.

There is no blame or shame if you do not feel ready - we all get there when we are meant to and we will meet at another time.

If however you believe, or even know you are at that place, then please feel free to request a consult with me.

I look forward to meeting you and send you blessings, thank you.




Masters in Social Work
University of New England

Masters in Clinical Psychology
University of Phoenix

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