You are, right now, taking a huge first step to feeling better. Be proud of that. Let's talk about where you're struggling the most. Your journey through life while navigating parenthood and relationships that may not look "normal" is littered with roadblocks that I would be honored to help you move. Your sex life as a single or partnered person may be suffering and you don't know where to turn for nonjudgmental expertise. I will walk us down the path to figuring out where your goals will mesh with your day-to-day reality. It won't always be a comfortable stroll, but you've got this.

Your sexuality can feel beautiful or burdensome- if the beauty has been hard to find, I can help. Clients tell me that they've felt truly heard for the first time when working with me. Like them, I know you are a person within an environment. I work with all the pieces that make up your experience to help find peace.

You are not alone in your struggles, even though it may feel that way. I invite you to bring yourself and your "baggage", whatever that looks like. We'll unpack it while I hold a loving space for you to figure out what needs to stay, and what can be tossed away.


Women's Issues


BA (Bachelor of Arts)
University of North Carolina Wilmington

MSW (Master of Social Work)
Virginia Commonwealth University

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Oscar Health
United Healthcare

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