When you’re with your friends, you are comfortable and confident, but when the crowd gets bigger and less familiar, you feel yourself start to clam up. “What do I say” or “did that sound stupid” echoes in your head, distracting you from engaging with the people around you. As you look around you, you see others laughing and confident in themselves. How do they do it? Perhaps the isolation of the pandemic has exacerbated these feelings of awkwardness and discomfort in large groups, and maybe you’re noticing yourself reaching for that extra drink to bolster your confidence. I can help you find your comfort and confidence in social situations.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and I work with women ages 22-45 who deal with anxiety, particularly in social settings. Through building a sense of compassion for yourself, I will help you find relief from the unease that has weighed you down. A strong therapist-client relationship is an essential piece a positive therapeutic experience. I have a background of working with individuals with anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma. I pull components of various therapy modalities in my work, depending on the individual needs and circumstances of my clients. I use a client-centered and trauma-focused approach, meaning I work with my clients to build understanding of how their past traumatic or stressful experiences have impacted all areas of their well-being. I am trained in EMDR therapy.




MA (Master of Arts)
University of Northern Colorado

Accepted Insurance

United Healthcare
Oscar Health

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