I was initially drawn to working with children and adolescents due to a desire to support little people in expressing big emotions. However, I soon realized that big people have little people inside, longing to be heard, seen, and accepted, which led me to also enjoy my work with adults. My specialties include supporting children, adolescents, and adults with managing anxiety and mood disorders, addiction, and difficult life transitions. I tend to conceptualize everything through a trauma lens, as it is my belief that our struggles stem from some kind of unmet needs or life-altering experiences at a younger age. My most career-shaping training has been in trauma and its relationship with the body and brain. I also find great success in utilizing CBT, all of its “cousin” approaches, and yoga and mindfulness practices. I emphasize working with clients within their systems – we do not live in a vacuum and therapy should reflect this.




MA (Master of Arts)
Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University

Accepted Insurance

None (doesn't accept insurance as in-network provider)

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