Hi, I'm Dr. Alison : ) Is your child always melting down? Hitting at school? Anxious? Oppositional? The stress of the pandemic has been really hard on children and parents alike. Everyone could use some extra emotional support right now. I love supporting children in the child-centered way that Garry L. Landreth describes in his wonderful book, Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship. I am also a mom, and I understand the guilt we can carry as parents. I always want to speak to that.

While adults find relief in talking over their difficulties with an understanding therapist, children often cannot express their thoughts and feelings in words. Because children often do not have the words to express feelings, they may represent how they feel through acting out.

When children have the opportunity to show how they feel through toys, they often feel better because their feelings have been released. You have probably felt something similar when you have been upset or anxious and confided in someone who cares about you. Play therapy is like that for children. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.




PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
University of Northern Colorado

MS (Master of Science)
Loyola University New Orleans

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United Healthcare
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