Despite being driven, successful and caring, life is hard. When my clients first come in, life is no longer going the way they envisioned and they need assistance working through the challenges life has presented. They are holding down jobs while taking care of home and family. They are just barely keeping it together, and there is a part of them that just wants to lay down and say, “enough”. Like my clients, you deserve to feel like what you’ve done is enough. You deserve to move forward from the pain of grief and traumatic events.

Taking care of yourself, like you take care of your work and family, isn’t out of reach. You may sometimes look at your life and think “I’ve got it good, what’s my problem?” Suffering isn’t a competition. Grief is not a competition. It’s okay to have everything you need and still struggle emotionally. You can learn to honor your stuck points while creating a life worth living.

Through our work in therapy, my clients have found a greater sense of confidence, more joy and increased sense of balance. If you would like find to a better quality of life on your terms, please reach out for consult via phone or secure video. I look forward to assisting you in finding the next step towards your goals.




MSW (Master of Social Work)
University of Louisville

Bachelor of Science
University of Misssouri-St. Louis

Accepted Insurance

Oscar Health
United Healthcare

If you're experiencing emotional distress, the resources below provide free and confidential support 24/7. If this is an emergency, call 911.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741