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    Choose your concerns and/or preferences for therapy to filter results to find the best provider match for you.
  2. Use your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas plan

    We’ll use your details to calculate the exact cost before your session.
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Options for care


Talk therapists are supportive licensed professionals who can help you work through everyday challenges, life changes or anything that might be affecting you.

Medication Management

Psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners are able to prescribe medication to support mental health treatment.

See your cost before you book

When you see a therapist using your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas plan, you'll pay closer to $20-$50 per session rather than the standard $200-$300. Enter your insurance details to check your exact price.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Headway’s mission is to make mental healthcare affordable and accessible. To do this, Headway is working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to simplify the process of finding and booking an in-network mental health clinician who is a great fit through technology, which allows clinicians to easily run their practice and have more time for their clients.
Knowing what to look for can be hard, so we’re here to make it as simple as possible. We'll use information you give us (like your location, your preference for in-person or virtual appointments and what issue you might want help with) to match you to a provider. We're always here to help you talk it through and figure out what might be best for you.
You can book an appointment with a provider directly from their profile page. Find a time that works for you, enter your insurance plan details and payment information, and click “Book now.”. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Headway once the appointment has been confirmed.
To find Headway providers who offer pediatric support and accept your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas plan, you can filter results by your child’s age under “More Filters” on the search page.
You can message your therapist directly from the Messages page once you've created an account.
Headway provides in-network therapist recommendations and appointment slots at no cost to you. You'll only pay your patient responsibility (depending on your copay or deductible) for in-network care with your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas plan.