Insurance doesn’t work for providers.

There’s a critical lack of in-network options for patients. Though panels are the most reliable way to grow your practice, the decision to not accept insurance patients makes a lot of sense:

Rates are lower, there’s the Administrative burden, and the terms are Inflexible—if you are on one panel, you're in-network for all members of that insurance whole practice becomes an insurance practice.

At least, that's how it was before Headway.

Headway works with insurance so you don’t have to.

Higher Rates

We leverage the power of our 100+ provider network to get better rates from commercial payers.

No Administrative Burden

Headway handles all the insurance and billing—looking up benefits, filing reimbursements, and collecting copays. You see your patient, you get a direct deposit in your bank account. It’s even easier than your self-pay patients.

Total Flexibility

Practice on your terms, with no commitments. Because Headway bills under a separate NPI and tax-id, you maintain your out of network status so you can see current and new self-pay patients outside of Headway.

Common Questions

How does Headway make money?

Because we get higher rates from payers due to our large, multidisciplinary network, we take a small portion of the increased reimbursement for sessions. We can make these numbers work, because we don’t own a physical group practice location, and we’re a venture-funded software company. You’ll earn more than you could negotiating directly with a payer—plus you get all the other benefits (free referrals, flexible participation, no-admin hassle).

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Which kind of providers use Headway?

Over 40 NY-based providers use Headway to power their practice, from LCSWs leaving their clinic job to pursue private practice to psychiatrists with decades of experience. If your goal is grow your practice, Headway can help.

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Does this affect my self-pay patients?

No. Headway bills insurance under a separate group NPI. So you can still see existing and future self-pay patients when you bill them on your own under your NPI.

If I currently see insurance patients, can Headway do the reimbursement for me?

Yes, and Headway can get you paid more because we get higher rates through our network.

What’s the commitment?

We offer totally flexible participation. You can use Headway to fill up 1 hour a week or 10 hours a week. Choose the patients you want to see, and practice independently.

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How do providers get paid?

We handle the patient and insurance billing; you get a direct deposit 14-30 days after your session.

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Be a part of the foundation of something important

Right now, we pool our collective strength to get better rates on flexible terms with no admin work. In the future we you can use Headway for even more: better personal health insurance, even better reimbursement rates, and more.

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